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The company Cube One was founded with the mission of providing top-notch construction services. Our team of experts with years of experience ensures that every project is executed according to the highest quality standards. From small renovations to large construction ventures, Cube One is synonymous with excellence and reliability in the construction industry.



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We provide the best qualtiy, precision, and innovation on each step.


Our experience makes sure that every project is finished perfectly.

Exterior Design

Let our experts take care of you and watch your dreams come into reality.

Furniture Design

Creativity, innovation, and experience are our main strengths in Cube ONE.

Landscape Design

Cube ONE will make sure that your projects are perfectly executed.

Site Planning

From the foundation to the roof, there's no room for mistakes. Our goal is to maintain top quality.

Interior Design

Details make the difference between mediocre and extraordinary. Attention to detail is what makes us the best.

Our projects

Our projects speak best for us. See for yourself: across the region, we are known for our expertise and excellence. That's why Cube ONE has become synonymous with trust in construction.